CCV TRIO Student Support Services Program Application and Enrollment Form

    You may be eligible for the CCV TRIO Student Support Services Program! This is a federally funded program designed to support students in reaching their academic potential and meet their educational and career goals. CCV TRIO can serve a limited number of students, therefore we have an application process that assesses student motivation, academic need, and ability to benefit. The selection process also includes a conversation with a TRIO Advisor, which can be scheduled by calling your local CCV Center.

    CCV TRIO students are typically eligible to receive the following benefits for up to four years or until graduation or transfer:
    • Priority advising with a TRIO academic advisor who will partner with you to explore your academic and career interests and goals. Life coaching with a dedicated TRIO coach.
    • Eligibility to participate in TRIO’s Tech-to-Go (technology lending) program.
    • Participation in Annual Leadership Day and other leadership development opportunities.
    • Opportunity to apply for specific TRIO grants ($700 to $1000).
    • Individual tutoring when you need instruction beyond what can provide.
    • Financial Literacy instruction to support your financial goals and money management.
    • College visits, workshops, transfer, and career information.
    • Eligibility for CCV TRIO Study Abroad Scholarships (two $500 scholarships) awarded annually.
    • Free access to Clifton Strengths for personal and career development.
    Being a student is hard work, as you already know, and this program is one more resource in your effort to earn a college degree. Acceptance to CCV’s TRIO program is an honor and takes a commitment by the student to be truly effective.

    Your responsibilities as a student of TRIO include:
    • Completing a Student Success Plan with a goal of degree completion within 4 years
    • Meeting with your advisor two times per semester
    • Work in partnership with your TRIO coach