Vermont Class of 2020 Gift: Frequently Asked Questions

    The J Warren & Lois McClure Foundation, in partnership with CCV, is proud to announce a graduation gift to Vermont's entire high school class of 2020 of one free course of their choosing at the Community College of Vermont this fall.

    Below, you will find our most up-to-date frequently asked questions and answers. To ensure you receive the future updates or to ask other questions, please submit this form

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Updated: July 1, 2020

    Who is eligible?
    Any Vermont student in the high school graduating class of 2020.

    How do I take advantage of my free course at CCV? / How to sign up for my free class? 
    To find out exactly what you need to do, fill out this form:

    When is the deadline to enroll in my free course?
    Students will be able to enroll until September 4. While CCV has hundreds of courses to choose from, individual classes are capped at 18 students. Registration for fall 2020 is open now. Students are encouraged to act early in order to ensure a seat in their desired course.

    What costs are covered?
    Tuition and fees including lab and materials fees for any single CCV class (including 4 credit courses). 

    Are textbooks included?
    Textbooks are not included, but a CCV financial aid counselor can provide information about other funds available to assist with textbook costs.

    Can I still complete a FAFSA and receive federal financial aid?
    Yes and you should! You could receive federal aid in addition to this gift. For more questions regarding the FAFSA, connect with a financial aid counselor at your local CCV academic center.

    Can I get my free course at another college besides CCV or for another semester besides fall 2020?
    No, this gift is exclusively for a course at CCV for fall 2020.

    Where are courses being offered this fall? 
    CCV’s fall 2020 semester has been carefully designed to provide you with the best learning experience possible while protecting the health and safety of our communities. This fall, you can choose from more than 700 courses offered in 5 different formats. To explore your options, check out our fall course schedule.

    Do I need to pass a test to take my free course?
    No, CCV is not requiring placement testing for fall applicants and no other standardized test scores are required.

    Can I take my free course at CCV while attending another college?
    Yes. A CCV advisor can guide you in working with your home college to ensure that you select a course that will transfer.

    How will the gift of a free course at CCV impact my eligibility for other sources of aid, including my federal financial aid package?
    The value of this gift is factored into the total financial assistance you are eligible for under federal regulations. For more details and how this might impact your aid, speak with a financial aid counselor at your local CCV academic center. If you are attending another institution, you will want to work with their financial aid office to learn if this gift will have any impact on your financial aid package.

    Will credits transfer to other colleges?
    CCV is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education. Though CCV credits are generally transferable throughout the country, credits earned at CCV are transferable to other colleges or universities only at the discretion of the receiving institution. CCV encourages all students to consult with their home or future college to request pre-approval of course transferability.

    What if I don’t have transportation?
    CCV has over 700 courses to choose from this fall in subject areas that include allied health, computer information systems, art and design, biology, and a wide variety of courses in the humanities and social sciences. Choose from 5 different formats to find the course that works best for you.

    What if I don’t have broadband internet?
    Please speak with a CCV advisor about options for assistance with internet, technology, and computer access. We will work with you to ensure that you have the tools you need to be successful. 

    What learning resources and support does CCV offer?
    CCV offers tutoring in any subject through our 24/7 on-demand, online tutoring service; research help from librarians, access to magazines, newspapers, journals and eBooks, as well as free book delivery through the Hartness Library; and support services and accommodations for documented disabilities.

    Do I have to apply and qualify for financial aid in order receive the free course?

    Will I be able to use the gift to pay for fall courses that I’ve already signed up for?

    Does the gift have a redeemable cash value?

    I completed my GED in Vermont in 2020. Am I eligible?

    I am a Vermont home school student and graduated in 2020. Am I eligible?

    Are Vermont residents who graduated from Hanover High School in New Hampshire eligible? 
    Yes. Due to the fact that Hanover High School's school district is partially in Vermont, Vermonters who graduated from Hanover High school in 2020 are eligible. 

    Are Vermont residents who graduated from Rivendell Academy in New Hampshire eligible? 
    Yes. Due to the fact that Rivdendell Academy's school district is partially in Vermont, Vermonters who graduated from Rivendell Academy in 2020 are eligible. 

    Are 2020 graduates of private Vermont high schools eligible?

    Can the free course be used for developmental skills courses?

    Can I choose to audit my free class or take it Pass/Fail?
    Yes. However, audited and pass/fail courses are generally not transferable to other colleges.

    Can I transfer my free course to someone else?

    Can I use my free course to pay for a past due balance?

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